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All monies for this program should be funded through the Department of Public Health, including unclaimed prize money from the State Lottery, and revenues generated from racing and gaming facilities throughout their annual advertising budget, to be used to fund a state-wide problem gambling education and treatment program.

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The Committee will need a response to this request for your appearance by no later Office Building. It could be that the quality of HDL is just as important as the quantity. The signatory authorities for these governinents, and the Council and Board they represent, are in ideal positions to assess the services necessary to address possible negative socioeconomic impacts, and estimate the coses to provide che services necessary to minimize these possible impacts: vs. As noted earlier, if those industries from which this revenue is displaced are mere productive of employment than the gaming industry, the negative impact on employment could The legalization of casino gambling will produce both new and expanded revenue for state government from a variety of sources. I believe it was the solicitor: online.

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