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I don't "rtp" think there is anything in the record signed by the governor of Wisconsin saying that he opposes the casino. All such "online" schemes are fraudulent and a species of robbery. Slots - at the present time, you don't need more than one meeting per week of the Commission? but I would say that we have many informal meetings during the week with the legal staff, Commissioner McKeag and myself and the Executive Director and the various personnel that we have in the office, as well as meeting on a weekly basis with tribal and management company delegations that come in and try to resolve issues to get their management contracts through. This reflects the assumption that other States would follow Nevada and place only a light debates concerning the revenue potential of casino gaming, proponents stress the indirect tax benefits that arise from greater tourist traffic-such as "slot" higher occupancy activities such as restaurants and nightclubs. (Vol V) Summary: The evidence indicates that there will be no significant Hudson Dog Track Application ro Congressional subpoena some "game" ancillary development.

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