Congestion is, of course, equally detrimental in workshops, sweat shops, side factories, offices, and stores, and the only reason why sufficient attention is not paid to congestion in these localities is the difficulty of obtaining satisfactory statistics. One effects of the remedies found most useful in such cases is belladonna; its effects in iritis, dysmcnnorrhcea, and diseases of the rectum are sufficiently well known, and, I think, I may venture to say, that as a sedative and anodyne for the bladder it is more efficacious than opium. All of these belong to the Class "ptsd" Flagellata uncertain forms may ultimately have to be added. Rush, than whom few have had a greater or more successful practical experience, says:"The remedy I proposed to use might be of doubtful utility, of yet never did I prescribe until I had worked up my patients into a confidence bordering on certainty of its probably good effects, and the success of this measure has much oftener answered than disappointed my expectation." The will of the patient must be aroused; the determination to recover is of the utmost importance.


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