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They are given sometimes to hide our ignorance, I fear, or to mark time while we watch and wait; they are given can sometimes as a gambler on the Stock Exchange speculates in" futures," an enhanced reputation being the windfall that it is hoped to secure; and then we often give drugs as an experiment in the hope that they may do good.

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Similar cases in England have been found due to acetonemia, the blood poisoned state of diabetes; and in view of such cases, and many others that will "vs" suggest themselves to any one of us, it seems brutal that the task of deciding whether a person is suffering from alcoholic coma or not, should be left to the discrimination of a police officer who knows nothing whatever about medicine. Whom an operation for epithelioma of the "and" auricle had been performed three years ago. Value - the report of the Conimittee on Publication was read. And it is a scandal to see some of the patients who frequent these for clinics. The ejaculatory ducts are also left uninjured when the lobes come away separately, or the urethra 500 is pushed beneath them.

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