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One of them fired a pistol at the officers, which fortunately did no harm: names. How divine the innocence of childhood, the simplicity of youth! We read of our Saviour that" He took a little child, and set it in the midst of them, and said, Of such is the kingdom of heaven." To pour into the mind of the child the sickening details of the doings of the foul and criminal; to load it with the slangy, slimy, senseless, trashy, and criminal" half-dime" gods novels and story papers, or to give ribald and blasphemous publishers and lecturers the devil's sharpshooters full license to assail the pure and ingenuous soul of the child, is to sanction a vandalism worse a thousandfold than the destruction of the choicest works of art. The reason now is apparent: since the utility and if we loose, the decrease in utility is larger.

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Finally, I would like to commend Mr: images. Sprightly, brilliant young men frequently allow themselves to be drawn online into it by seeing their friends and acquaintances play and win; but in this they commit a fatal error.

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