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Three paralytics treated by Dorr showed online an improvement in their symptoms. His special work had been the organization of relief work in the sector in domino which Rouen was located. This should be a hospital operation when del possible. He was ijitending to move that the Council should amend the rules two years should elapse between the attainment by a candidate of a registrable qualification iu medicine, surgery, and midwifery, and his admission to the achat final examination for a diploma in sanitary science, public health, or State medicine. Now, sl it is well recognized that anoxemia lowers the CO. With forceps still extending from the vagina all attention was immediately given to the withdrawal of the chloroform and administration of 20 rhythmical respiratory movem.ents together with traction outward of the tongue during expiration.

Kopen - another great aid is the giving of water freely to assist in the rapid elimination of toxines from the body.

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