Away Days




Away Days will be offered to all people who wish to enjoy the ambience and healing energies of this Centre for Peaceful Restoration, Recovery and Recuperation.

Times will be 10am – 4pm and the day is offered on a donation basis as we would like all people to benefit from, and enjoy, the beautiful grounds and energies to be experienced here; and those who are more able to support the work of the Centre, will be able to make donations of their choice.

A light lunch will be available as part of the day, and appointments can be made with experienced therapists for a range of therapeutic and beneficial treatments; the cost of these will be made individually with each therapist.

Visitors on Away Days will be free to join in with other activities happening on these days so for example Thursday will host Mindfulness Meditations groups from 11-12pm.

Walks around the grounds can be enjoyed along with special Rose Blessing guided walks to fully enjoy the healing energies supporting all those experiencing trauma through whatever cause in their lives.

Books can be read from a large selection in the house, and quiet spaces for personal meditations can be enjoyed.

And so, we look forward to inviting you to these beautiful Away Days once we are operational, so that all people may see first-hand the ethos of the Centre and become part of its evolution to its full capacity as a place of peace and healing for all those in need of restoration, recovery and recuperation.

Thank you for your support and news will be posted when the Away Days become available.