World Peace Meditations




Dear Friends of the Centre for Peaceful Restoration, Recovery and Recuperation

We welcome you to our Meditations page as we give details of our proposed meditations for World Peace.  These will be held on alternate Wednesday’s beginning on 15th April 2015 and will commence at 5pm if you are joining us in person or 6pm if you are linking in from wherever you are in the world.

The format of these meditations is outlined below as a way of adding to the energetic intention of creating peace on Earth for all as part of the unfolding of the prophesied time of peace on Earth ordained eons of time ago in the Divine Plan for Earth.

And so as you add your intention and energies you will be adding to the global and universal intention for peace to reign supreme on Earth; for all beings to live in peace, harmony, clarity, unity, oneness and joy on this beautiful planet, and we deeply thank you for your intention and commitment.

If you are able to join us in person please email for details of the location in South Devon (UK), and join us for tea and chat at 5pm with the meditation starting at 6pm.

If joining globally then 6pm is ideal but any intention and energy for peace is welcome and invited at any time and will increase the overall energy for peace on Earth at this exciting time for all.

Thank you and please do keep in touch and let us know how you resonate with these meditations.  Invite your friends to join you and create your own Peace Group Meditations and know that you are playing your part fully and beautifully for the benefit of all.

World Peace Meditations

This meditation is quite simple and easy, so please find a quiet place to be, sit comfortably and have with you any crystal beings who represent the energies of love and peace, or those you are drawn to have near you on this occasion.

You may wish to have music or to remain quiet.  Bring in any protection you feel comfortable with or imagine yourself held within the light and love of God for the duration of this meditation.

And so – imagine yourself in a world where all people are happy, contended, and joyful.

A world where there is peace, where the hearts of all people are open and radiating the light and love of God.

A world where all people have freedom of speech, and where all people are equal.

Imagine the world radiating light and love which passes through the heart centres of all people and unites all people in equality, fairness, openness, honesty, gratitude, clarity, trust and oneness,

and then repeat these words as follows:

I pray for peace with all my heart.

I pray for peace with all my mind.

I pray for peace with all my soul that peace may reign supreme on Earth.

I pray that all people are equal in the eyes of all people.

That all people are equally loved and treated fairly.

That all people are judged fairly and judge others fairly.

And that all people are peaceful in themselves and at peace with the outer world.

I pray that all living beings are able to live in peace and harmony and

that Mother Earth is respected and treated with the love and gratitude that she deserves.

So that all people acknowledge the oneness

and interconnectedness of all things and live their lives accordingly.

I pray for peace with all my heart.

I pray for peace with all my mind.

I pray for peace with all my soul that peace may reign supreme on Earth.


Gently come back into awareness of your being in the chair, stretch, open your eyes and know that you have contributed significantly to the overall intention for peace, and thank you.