Supporting the Centre




There are many ways in which you may wish to support the Centre and this can be in practical terms, energetically, financially or a way which resonates with you.

We recently completed a Crowdfunding Appeal which gave rise to an opportunity to raise awareness of our plans to open this Centre for Peaceful Restoration, Recovery and Recuperation, and we are grateful to all supporters and to Buzzbank who host the Appeal site.

We, as a group, will continue to do all we can to raise the necessary funding to run, and eventually purchase, this property in order to secure its long-term future.  Applications will be made through many diverse routes to apply for financial support and funding.

If you wish to support the Centre financially there are many ways in which to do this:

Bank Transfer
please email for bank details at E:

please email for details E:


Standing Order
regular payments will help the day-to-day running of the Centre, again please email for details.

Cash donations
through visiting the Centre when operational and attending Away Days, events and so on.

Guardian Angel
A one-off donation of £500.00 will see your name added to the Centre’s list of Guardian Angels; you will receive invites to events and Open Days and will be kept up to date on our progress.

You may wish to support the Centre in many practical ways and an extensive list of Volunteers already exists. To read more about the many choices and opportunities to be involved and support the Centre please see our Volunteering Page, and we thank all those who have already joined this list and look forward to inviting you to the Centre.

A Code of Conduct sheet will be shared with all volunteers so that a uniformity of opportunity is created for all who wish to be part of this exciting project.

A Wish List has been compiled of all the items that will be needed to support the smooth and effective running of the Centre and to offer restoration, recovery and recuperation to all those in need and especially those brave souls, and their families, who have sacrificed so much on our behalf.

Goods can be second-hand, provided they are in good and safe condition.

Items can be collected if local, or can be purchased on-line with delivery arrangements made to the Centre.

To see if you are able to support any items please take a look at our Wish List Page.

And we thank all people who have already generously donated items and who may be thinking of ways to support the Centre through practical donations in this way.

Future ideas for support – we will be looking at all ways of supporting the Centre so if you feel drawn to host a fund raising event for the Centre please let us know and these could be:-

A Coffee Morning

A Cake Sale

Doing a favour for a friend for a donation

A sponsored event

Suggesting new ways of raising funds

Helping applications for fund raising, and so on.

Funding will be drawn from many different ways so awareness of all new innovations, and all charitable trusts etc, will help the Core Team be aware of new sources of funding to support the wonderful and necessary work of offering restoration, recovery and recuperation to those in need.

Thank you.