Volunteer Information




We are delighted to provide details of our Volunteer Suggestion list which invites you to be part of this innovative concept from the very beginning.  We aim to see this Centre for Peaceful Restoration, Recovery and Recuperation established as soon as possible and already have a list of names of people who wish to be involved in a way which best suits them.  The list is extensive and you may have other skills and abilities you wish to share; all ideas and suggestions are welcome and will be considered by the Core Team.

We deeply thank you for your consideration and look forward to welcoming you to the Centre whether as a volunteer, visitor or supporter in some capacity.

This is truly a much-needed project as part of the overall Mission for Peace on Earth as we support all people suffering from trauma through whatever means – and especially those who have sacrificed so much on our behalf – to find peace, confidence, solace and self-empowerment, to move forwards into the new Golden Age of oneness, unity, peace and harmony for the benefit of all mankind, all living beings, Mother Earth and beyond.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you and how you feel you would like to support this initiative and be part of its evolution.

Email: katygostick@centreforpeacefulrestorationrecoveryandrecuperation.org.uk   –    to be included in our mailing list

Heartfelt thanks to all concerned in this project whether you are a local business, a group facilitator for healing modalities, volunteer, supporter or someone who wishes to visit the Centre to experience the deep sense of peace that is available from the beauty and ambience to be found there.

We hope to see you soon.




Providing names of any organisations you feel would be appropriate to approach for funding, both for the Centre itself and the Equine Programme.

Organising a fundraising event in your area, maybe jointly with friends and this would help support and promote the Centre at the same time.

Support from other volunteers and/or the Core Team would assist you in this as much as possible with literature and so on.

Any sponsoring of the event by a company or organisation would receive recognition and mention, where appropriate.

Considering asking a group that you know who would be prepared to host an event and provide a contribution to the Centre.

Producing leaflets and other promotional material in line with the Centre’s promotional ethos.

Book Keeping

Perhaps your talents lie in book-keeping and accountancy, and this is a vital part of the efficient running of the Centre, and remaining within the regulations and guidelines of the law governing charitable organisations.

Equine Programme

Perhaps you are drawn to work as part of the Equine Programme and know of some organisations that would be helpful to contact for fodder, field management, fencing, veterinary work, or to be part of the day-to-day running of, and practical care of, the horses themselves.

We would also be looking to seek equine experts in many fields to visit and become involved with this aspect of the overall Centre.


Catering will play an important role in the successful running of the Centre, and it is our intention to provide good wholesome food from the grounds itself, and from local suppliers.

Lists of local suppliers; building a good working relationship with them, building recipe booklets of nourishing, easy to prepare meals for rotational use in the kitchen, and for attendees and visitors to use as well.

Any surplus foods will be either used to make preserves or sold to volunteers and visitors so again consideration in these aspects will be required.

Preparation of food will also be requiring regular support volunteers.  Breakfast will be mainly self-service as will lunch, and the evening meal will be a social time for volunteers and support workers along with attendees of Courses.

Practical Skills

Practical skills will be greatly appreciated and this may be maintenance work, creating safe play areas for children, repairing garden buildings and generally maintaining the safety and long-term future of any buildings, and in the area of horse stabling and fencing.


Garden support, to join the volunteer team providing vegetables and fruit and herbs to supply the kitchen, will be required; and this should be a really satisfying aspect producing good wholesome food for attendees and volunteers to enjoy.

Creative Arts

Creative arts such as music, literature, painting, creative writing, poetry, story-telling, dance and others will all play a significant role in the enjoyment and success of the Centre, and so all of these skills will be welcomed.

Interests, Hobbies and Pastimes

Interests, hobbies and pastimes whether it be bird watching, photography, specialist collections and so on, will be points of interest for Open Days and evening activities with talks and displays available in different forms.

Land Management

Land management and eco-systems; it is our intention to create a low impact Centre with as many forms of eco-friendly technology as possible so all help, support and advice are welcome as we begin the Blueprint for this part of the Centre to come to fruition.

Legal Aspects

Assistance with legal aspects and the running of the Community Interest Company are also welcomed, and we appreciate this is specialist work and hope we can forge good working relationships to the benefit of all in this regard with mutually beneficial and supportive ways of working together.

And so dear friends, these are a few suggestions as to how you may wish to become involved in the short-term and longer-term creation and running of this exciting project.

You may have other ideas and we welcome those too, as the Blueprint becomes a reality and all aspects work together to create a magnificent whole, and so bringing to fruition this much-needed, worthwhile and innovative Centre for Peace Restoration, Recovery and Recuperation.

Thank you.