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Information Pack

In addition to the Information Pack – here is a summary of the benefits to be offered by the

Centre for Peaceful Restoration, Recovery and Recuperation

To provide a place of safety to explore ways and means of understanding how to regain a sense of confidence, self-empowerment and self-determination to overcome the devastation and life changing effects of action in the field of global conflict.

This will be delivered by:

Being in an environment of peace and quiet away from the normal stresses of daily life.

A series of Workshops and Courses offering Mindfulness Meditation – a proven means of stilling the mind and taking control of your life; techniques for health and well-being to improve overall quality of life, and information on dietary advice to maintain health

Healing modality treatments in a variety of ways best suited to the needs of the individual.

On-going support for as long as is necessary through repeated visits to the Centre, Face book closed and open groups, and other means whereby experiences can be shared and support offered on a continuous basis.

Trained personnel offering Equine Assisted Therapy – a well-documented means of helping to safely release trauma and bring confidence and balance to mind and body enabling greater enjoyment of life.

A space where families may spend time together in the beautiful ambience and enjoy the healing energies of this special place and receive support to help overcome the life changing experiences created through loss, devastation, ill health and injury.

An environment for integration through a Volunteer Programme where skills can be learnt and shared in gardening, catering, maintenance, decorating and so on.

A community project where Open Days and evening events will allow for relaxation and entertainment to be enjoyed in a variety of ways through music, creative writing, dance, yoga, poetry, arts and many other interests and subjects.

This gives the broader vision of what can be offered at this Centre for Peaceful Restoration, Recovery and Recuperation; more details are available in our Information Pack containing the 5 Year Development and Finance Plan, and please follow us on Twitter; @centre4peaceSW and follow us on Face book.


Our Crowdfunding Appeal can be followed on as we continue to do all in our power to see this Centre established as soon as possible to begin the process of offering support to all those in need of restoration, recovery and recuperation.

Thank you.

Katy Gostick, Pat Byrne, Fleur Brodie, Lindsay Ball