About Us


Introducing the Healing and Spiritual Network Team



Katy Gostick

Katy is fully trained in Rose Alchemy. She is also a Reiki Master, and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) practitioner, Light working with Angels Facilitator, Angelic Reiki Master, Anusha Healing Master Teacher and Pranic Healer.  Katy is also trained in Therapeutic Massage and worked at the WellBeing Clinic in Oxford for 6 years.

After she lost her son Dale in Afghanistan she joined an on-line group called Bereaved Military Mothers and offers help as a Spiritual Facilitator, and in 2010 she set up a Face book group called La Sagesse Distance Healing Group.

Katy also developed and facilitates (jointly with Lindsay Ball) the 21 Day Trinity Healing and Prayer Circle, and the Circle of Love.

She is currently channelling beautiful messages for a new pack of rose cards and a book which will be used in the 3R’s Programme.


Pat Byrne

Pat trained as an Animal Communicator and has helped numerous clients with a wide range of problems including pet behavioural issues to pet loss and bereavement.

In addition she also hosts workshops and teaches animal communication, and also offers a mentoring programme for those dedicated to enhancing their animal communication skills.

Latterly as a founder member of Healing and Spiritual Network she intends to assist with Healing Hearts with Horses which is an equine assisted course.  This facilitates the unique ability of the horses to open their hearts to humans; enabling healing to be offered to all who are suffering from physical and emotional trauma.


Fleur Brodie

Fleur is a trained Kinesiologist.  She has worked with a wide range of clients, helping them to gain greater awareness through her specialised Life Tracking Programme which helps them reach their potential.

As a founder member of Healing and Spiritual Network she now brings her unique and special skills to the 3R’s programme.

Fleur has a special heart connection with horses which will help us with the Healing Hearts with Horses Programme.

Using her skills as a Kinesiologist she will assist the process of deep emotional healing to all who have suffered deep trauma and loss.


Lindsay Ball

Lindsay is a skilled facilitator offering an extensive knowledge of crystals and has been awarded the title of Atlantean Crystal Master; this enables her to channel messages from a Crystal Team, and indeed it was this Team who gave the Healing and Spiritual Network group early indications of the Mission being put in place. Crystals, when used wisely, can be of great benefit offering protection, guidance and a loving energy.

Lindsay is a founder member of the Healing and Spiritual Network and offers a range of therapeutic modalities.  She also runs meditation groups, workshops and has published two of a series of 3 books entitled The Way Forward.